Critical Ops has a Ranked Defuse game mode where you can compete against other players to climb through the ranks. Players need to reach a specific matchmaking rating to get promoted to the next rank. You can refer to the list below for the ranks and their corresponding matchmaking ratings:

Players go through placement matches in each ranked season. These are the first ten matches before getting placed in a rank.

Unranked players have a similar or near rating to their previous season’s matchmaking rating. For example, if a player had a matchmaking rating of 1280 during the last season, they will have a similar or near matchmaking rating to 1280 even while they are unranked.

If the player has never played a ranked game before, they will face players from various ranks during placement matches to calibrate an accurate matchmaking rating.

Winning and losing
Each player gains or loses a matchmaking rating based on their current matchmaking rating compared to the enemy team’s composite matchmaking rating. If the enemy team is stronger, meaning they have a higher matchmaking rating, then losing “is expected”, and rating is not affected a lot for any player. On the other hand - if the team wins, it would be against the odds and increase matchmaking ratings drastically. Winning or losing causes the same effect regardless of the score or K/D ratio.

Each rank has been divided into four divisions except for Spec Ops and Elite Ops.

Iron 1 0-1124
Iron 2 1125-1149
Iron 3 1150-1174
Iron 4 1175-1199

Bronze 1 1200-1224
Bronze 2 1225-1249
Bronze 3 1250-1274
Bronze 4 1275-1299

Silver 1 1300-1324
Silver 2 1325-1349
Silver 3 1350-1374
Silver 4 1375-1399

Gold 1 1400-1424
Gold 2 1425-1449
Gold 3 1450-1474
Gold 4 1475-1499

Platinum 1 1500-1524
Platinum 2 1525-1549
Platinum 3 1550-1574
Platinum 4 1575-1599

Diamond 1 1600-1624
Diamond 2 1625-1649
Diamond 3 1650-1674
Diamond 4 1675-1699

Master 1 1700-1749
Master 2 1750-1799
Master 3 1800-1849
Master 4 1850-1899

Spec Ops
Spec Ops - 1900+

Elite Ops
Elite Ops is achieved by players who are the highest-rated 250 Spec Ops players during a season.  

Win Condition
The team that reaches 13 round victories first, wins the match.

Ranked Leaver Penalty
Please note that leaving ranked games will result in a 30-minute or longer leaver penalty. We suggest you only play ranked on a stable connection and when you have time to finish the ranked game that you started.