Playing Critical Ops with friends is more fun.

In that spirit, you are now able to recruit new players and earn rewards.
You can start recruiting friends from your lobby menu.

Send invite-link to your friends to install Critical Ops for the first time.
Each confirmed recruit unlocks the next reward tier.

As a player, you get the rewards after your friend:
  • Completes the tutorial
  • Connects their Critical Ops account to Facebook
  • Changes the name from "OPS" to something unique
If you have followed the steps correctly, the rewards should arrive within 24 hours.

Recruit A Friend Troubleshooting

In the following cases, the feature will not work and the players will not be able to receive Rewards.
  • The above steps were done incorrectly or in a different order
  • Critical Ops was already installed on the device before clicking the recruitment link
  • Critical Ops was downloaded to the device by using another installation method than the provided recruitment link
  • The recruited account is linked with any other social media than Facebook
  • The recruited account is not created while being in the recruitment process
  • The recruited account was not renamed from OPS to something unique
  • The recruited account has not completed the tutorial
  • Players are not on the same game version as their recruited friends