Critical Ops uses several third-party Ad providers.

So, if you haven't received your reward, you should always contact the offer provider directly, as they will be able to track your activity and check if you have completed the offer (met all the requirements) and not us.
In fact, that’s the reason why, in this case, you should contact the provider directly.

What could you do?
  • Check the ‘Task Status’: verifying? completed?
Make sure you are meeting ALL the requirements mentioned in the offer conditions and you have completed the task. If you have, you will receive your reward soon.
  • Please be patient! It will take some time to receive your Credits.
We all want to receive our rewards immediately!
But in this case, the process to check and confirm all requirements takes time and the Rewards cannot be credited right after finishing the task.
This is why it might take some time before you receive your Credits into your account.
  • Furthermore, some offers can take longer than others.
  • You can check to see which company is the one you require by going to the offer wall and scrolling to the bottom to see the name of the company.
1. Enter Iron Source's Offer Wall.
2. Press the 'missing Credits' link on the bottom left corner of the Offer Wall.
3. Follow the instructions.
4. In case that Credits are still missing, fill out all necessary information.
[Please note that the ticket must be composed of a minimum of 50 characters].
5. Attach a proof (preferably a complete screenshot) which confirms you have completed the offer. Make sure that the date is visible.
6. Click "Submit Ticket."

Important! Please NOTE the following: (from IronSource)
  • Proof alone is not sufficient. Only completions that are approved by the advertiser will be rewarded.
  • All our offers require you to be a first time installer/user per your device ID. Reinstalling does not qualify as a new user.
  • You may be rewarded only ONCE for each offer title, So,do not open more than 1 ticket per offer title.
Additionally, If the offer is marked as completed, you cannot open a ticket. In this case:
  • Please contact
  • Fill in the information which you can find from the "info" tab top left of the Offer Wall
  • Only if your 1st install is attributed to our offer-wall, you will be rewarded once you completed the required offer's event.