Q: What is the Community Marketplace?
A:  Critical Ops Community Marketplace is an in-game marketplace for all Critical Ops players, where you can buy and sell Critical Ops weapon skins and items with other players.

Q: What can I find on the Community Marketplace?
A: You can find Buy requests and Sell offers for items such as weapon and utility skins, agents, animations, and more. All requests are made by other Critical Ops players. 

Q: How do I start using the Community Marketplace?
A: To start buying and selling items on the Community Marketplace, you must accept the Community  Marketplace terms and rules that you see upon entering it for the first time. You can find the Marketplace terms HERE.

Q: Can I buy items with real money on the Community Marketplace?
A: No. All transactions on the Community Marketplace are made with in-game items and in-game Credits. This makes the Marketplace accessible for all players.

Buying and Selling

Q: How do I sell items?
A: You can create a sell offer for items you own and wait for someone to buy your items, or you can find buy requests made by other players and sell your items to them. Note that you can only fulfill a buy request of the highest price.

Q: How do I buy items?
A: You can create a buy request for items you want and wait for someone to sell their items to you, or you can find sell offers made by other players and buy their items.

Q: Can I create several buy requests and sell offers?
A: Yes, you can have several listings on the  Community Marketplace at the same time; however, you cannot have more than 20 individual sell offers, 20 individual buy requests, and no more than 40 marketplace listings in total.

Q: What is the commission?
A: Each buy request and sell offer on the Community Marketplace includes a percentage-based Credit commission. The commission is 20%, but cannot be lower that 10 credits. The commission is applied automatically and the total credit amount is shown on the listing creation screen. The commission is only shown to the player creating the listing.

Q: Can I buy or sell multiple of the same item at once?
A: Yes, you can buy and sell multiple of the same item at once. You cannot buy a single item from a bulk sell offer. You cannot sell a single item to a bulk buy request. You can create a bulk listing with up to 5 units of an item.
Example: If you create a buy request for 5x SA58 Olive weapon skins, a player would need to have all these items to sell them to you; they cannot sell their singular SA58 Olive weapon skin to you.

Q: Can I buy or sell multiple different items at once?
A: You can create different buy requests and sell offers with individual items. However, a single request or offer cannot have more than one item type.
Example: You can create 2 offers to sell your AK47 Dracula and M4 Superhexagon, but you cannot create a single sell offer for both items.

Q: Can I still use my items if I make a sell offer?
A: No. Once you make a sell offer, the items used will be temporarily preserved from your account. You will not be able to use these items. If you cancel the sell offer, the items will be once again available for you to use.

Q: What happens when I make a buy request?
A: When you create a buy request, the specified amount of Credits will be pre-booked from your account. If you cancel the buy request, the credits will be returned to your account.

Q: If someone has a sell offer that matches my buy request, will the transaction happen?
A: No, all offers and requests on the  Community Marketplace are manual and are not automated. If there is a sell offer that matches your buy request, the transaction will not happen.
Example: If you have an active buy request for Tactical Axe Olive for 10000 credits and someone makes a sell offer for  Tactical Axe Olive for 10000 credits, the transaction will not be automatically completed.

Q: I accidentally bought or sold an item. Can I refund or revert my transaction?
A: No, all Community Marketplace transactions are final and irreversible once another player has fulfilled your listing.