Q: What are agents?
A: Agents can give your character new looks, identities, and sounds. Rookie and Nomad are the two agents available to everyone from the start. 

Q: How to get agents?
A: Agents can be acquired in many ways by both paying and free-to-play players.

Q: How to equip agents?
A:  Agents can be equipped through the inventory screen.

Q: Are agents faction specific?
A: Yes, agents can only be equipped for the faction they belong to, so you would not be able to equip Nomad for Coalition or Rookie for The Breach.

Q: Do agents provide a competitive advantage?
A: All agents have the same hitboxes, health points, equipment slots, damage values, and so on. Agents are purely cosmetic and, similarly to weapon skins, only affect your experience visually.

Q: How to tell which faction an agent belongs to?
A: Agents follow the general color scheme of Coalition and The Breach so that you can distinguish friends from foes, and to aid with that, you can utilize the enemy outline indicators. Read more on how you can utilize enemy indicators here.

Q: Where to find a list of all agents?
A: The agent catalog holds the information about all agents available in Critical Ops.