The Trade Up system allows exchanging 10 items of the same rarity for a single item of a higher rarity. Only weapon and utility skins can be used in the Trade Up system. All knives, gloves, and emblems are excluded from the Trade Up system, meaning they cannot be used for or gained from a Trade Up.

Reward chances are based on the collections of items used for Trade Up. This means that the skin you get from the Trade Up can be from any of the collections of skins you use in the Trade Up. The chances of which collection your skin will be coming from are shown when selecting skins for the Trade Up.

You can filter items by rarity, collection, and type to select the exact items you want to use in Trade Up. Only skins that have the same rarity can be used, meaning you cannot use 9 common skins and 1 uncommon skin, only 10 common skins or 10 uncommon skins for example.

With the introduction of the Trade Up system, you can own duplicates of any item, including weapon skins.  Duplicates of the same item will be shown as separate items in the Trade Up menu and will no longer be transferred to Blue Tokens. This allows you to use duplicate items in trade up to get higher rarity items. 

If you have any remaining Blue Tokens, there will be a fair chance to spend them, no need to worry.