You can use a converter dongle, USB cable, or Bluetooth to connect your preferred device (controller, keyboard, mouse) to your mobile device!

In order to connect Bluetooth device(s) on Android, your device must be capable of running Android 10 or later.

In order to connect  Bluetooth device(s) on iOS, confirm that your Apple device is updated to iOS 13/ iPadOS 13 or higher, or else the device won't connect properly.

If you can't update to the required OS version, you'll either need to use a wired connection (a dongle adapter might be required) or use another compatible device.

Some controllers might not work as intended due to Unity limitations, and some controllers might need software updates depending on your input devices and mobile device compatibility systems.

Even though we now support new input methods, the same CoC and ToU remain, the state of third-party software usage has not changed, and emulators are still forbidden.